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The butler to Tori Himemiya, always chasing after his young master. Although he appears to always be somewhat confident and seems the type to be good at everything, there are certain tasks he fails out (ex. drawing). In the past, Yuzuru had long hair kept in a ponytail and wore, in Eichi's words, "clothes like a street fighter". He is a member of Fine and addresses everyone in very respectable terms. Although he can get a bit exasperated with Tori's difficult childishness, Yuzuru remains loyal and caring for the pink-haired younger boy. He is in class 2-B and Yumenosaki and is part of the Archery Club.

“Here we are at Sea World, Hinata-kun!” he said so thoughtfully, so emphatically. Hinata was mad. His breasts were sore because he was ragging it hardcore. Komaeda was very excited to be at Sea World. He jumped up and down and clapped at every fish tank and screamed and laughed on every ride. “Boy, does Koameda-chan love the Disney World of fish.” Hinata was disgusted. He hates fish. Komaeda turned to him making little gill movements with his hands on his jaw and he said, “What’s wrong, Hinata-kun?” And Hinata said “You inconsiderate microwaved piece of soap! You know I hate fish more than I hate myself even please lets go.” Komaeda got sad. He said, “But Hinata-kun, I won free tickets to Sea World and knew I should take you! It was just bound for us! It was a couples ticket anyways. We’re on a date, Hinata-kun! Besides, you look! The fish love you!” Hinata-kun turned to see all the fish in the tanks looking at him. He felt his ahoge twitch. “No… No. This… This is impossible. This can’t be! This is tHE WRONG ANIME? SOMETHING IN JAPANESE WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? SOMETHING ELSE IM NOT A FUCKING FISH DONT TOUCH ME” He pulled his pants up and ran screaming, using his fins as air-paddles to propel himself forwards. Komaeda laughed and chased after him with arms wide open. It was a peaceful day.
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