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[ Hi! Basil here! My Twitter @dascini and if you want, my Discord is dascini#7757. I'll be playing as Yuzuru! I'll do my best to play as him, but please excuse any mistakes! While I love Yuzuru, I have not rped a long time and I'm a bit of an anxious perfectionist when it comes to how I play as characters.

I'm fine RPing any ship you want. Even if I don't like it, I may come to like it through rping! No shipping is, of course, fine too! The only thing I ask not to rp would be NSFW! I'm just not very comfortable with it (though I am 18+).

I like both comedy and angst and drama and just general comfy stuff!

I'm looking forward to rping Yuzuru and exploring his character more!

Thanks for reading! ]
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i wish you would jsut get rid of this gotdamn USERNAME!